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10 Things to do in Bologna

10 Things to do in Bologna

Are you planning to visit Emilia Romagna and want to know what are 10 things to do in Bologna? Find out here.

Located in the heart of Italy, Bologna is the ever lively historical capital of the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy with a population of 388,367. The city has served as the center of socio-economic growth for the entire area and has been ruled by three nations—Etruscans, Celts, and Romans respectively.

This easy to visit city is quite appealing to tourists as it offers a unique outlook. You can stroll beneath its long arcades of the famed Portici, look inside the graceful old shops, fall in awe of the fantastic architecture, take a pause in one of the street cafes, and enjoy spending time with a plethora of its students.

Here are some of the top 10 things to do in Bologna.

1. Piazza Maggiore and Piazza Del Nettuno

These are the two adjacent squares in the city center, where people come to spend some time together. The Piazza Del Nettuno is known for the Neptune Fountain which splashes water and calls for attention.

On the other hand, Piazza Maggiore serves as the most important square and is an important historical place. You get to see many important buildings like Palazzo d’Accursio, the Palazzo del Podestà, the Basilica di San Petronio, and the Palazzo Comunale.

2. Leaning Towers

Bologna is home to two leaning towers that tilting alarmingly because of their narrow shape. These towers are a part of the more than 100 similar towers that formed the skyline of Bologna in the 12th century. The towers were used to watch over the city and as places of refuge in the event of a war. The Torre Garisenda is 48 meters high whereas the Torre degli Asinelli offers a birds-eye view of the city and has 498 steps.

3. San Petronio

This church was designed to be bigger than St. Peter’s in Rome, but never achieved its full might—in terms of size. This church holds a tiny museum where you can see the proposed designs submitted by the famous architect Andrea Palladio. You will see strange cuttings across the floor, and each side chapels appear to be a church in itself.

4. Archiginnasio

Housing the famous Anatomical Theatre, the Archiginnasio used to be part of the University of Bologna. This building located in the Piazza Galvani was built in the 16th century. The theatre has become the center of attention for tourists from all over the world. It shows dissections and demonstrations of surgery.

5. Archaeological Museum

The Bologna Archaeological Museum portrays the changes this city underwent with time. The museum holds collections that are segregated into nine different sections. Each segment contains artefacts from the past that range from Bronze Age tools to famous marble statues.

6. National Gallery

The Bologna National Gallery is another great spot for art lovers. Some of the works displayed in this gallery are of their own while others have been recovered from the Louvre in Paris. Works of artists who created and lived in Bologna between the 13th to 19th centuries are portrayed in Pinacoteca di Bologna.

7. La Piazzola Market

This market has been the center of trade and commerce for the past centuries. Located north of the city center, La Piazzola features over 400 stalls that all the things in the world. The atmosphere in this market is fascinating; you will find the locals bargaining and tourists drooling over the spices.

8. Oratory of Battuti

This small oratorio is known to be Bologna’s unsung treasures. Sit on the benches and admire the beauty of the ceilings. Oratory of Battuti has excellent acoustics, and it holds several musical programs. You will find a group of 15 statues, Death of the Virgin, around the room.

9. Bolognese Food

Food in Bologna is of great appeal for tourists, as it is known to be a culinary center. There are a variety of ways you can experience the food in this city. The streets of Quadrilatero are a marketplace since Roman times, and it is filled with small shops and stalls that sell fantastic food. You can also learn to cook the perfect tortellini through cooking classes offered by Bolognese chefs.

10. Book your accommodation

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Making the Most of Your Time

You need to plan your day ahead while touring the city. As someone who likes to travel, you must see Bologna. Apart from the above there are many other things to do in Bologna. The city tour can be either done on foot or two wheels. You can join a city walk tour which will take your through the main Piazzas and food market. On the other hand, if you are short on time, you can rent a bike and visit the major attractions in the city within two hours.


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