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Agreement with, Holiplanet aims at Chinese Market

Agreement with, Holiplanet aims at Chinese Market

Holiplanet, continues its expansion program and has recently signed an important agreement with is an online travel agency, launched for the first time in the end of 2017. The brand is owned by Ctrip, the second largest OTA in the world, which also includes Skyscanner.

Acquired by Ctrip with a view to expanding its user base in 2017, it has become the portal’s main platform for an international audience.

Above all the signature of the agreement with allows Holiplanet and its partners to offer their properties on one of the most visible portals in the world; first of all doesn’t only target the Chinese market; as the investment made on demonstrates, the expansion project aims to make it become a world leader in the sector.

Holiplanet signs an important agreement with

Furthermore the portal currently has over 300 million users and more than 1.2 million affiliated accommodation facilities.

The agreement with provides for the gradual introduction of properties managed by Holiplanet on the platform. Users can choose one of our facilities together with a travel package, or simply book a single night., available in 19 different languages, offers the possibility of booking services for flights, hotels, trains, car rentals, airport transfers, tours and tickets for attractions. The portal is present in more than 200 countries and offers a large flight network with over 2 million individual routes, connecting more than 5,000 cities worldwide.

As a result Holiplanet’s visibility on the web is about to grow exponentially in the coming future.


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