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Airbnb Fever…..

Airbnb Fever…..

Let’s go back in time 20 years; it’s the end of the 90s the New Economy’s funeral is organized and everyone is panicking with the bubble scandal. If we think about the impact of technology and the socio-economic dynamics of recent years, we quickly realise that there was no such funeral… Since the end of the excitement of the “Nasdaq is”, time has flown and the world of the network has once again been shaken by the revolutionary and brilliant ideas of Marc Zuckerberg.

When Rousseau said “man is a social animal that tends to aggregate” one could not imagine how powerful the shortcut for aggregation on the web would be; Sharing thoughts, joys and pains online opens the gap to new meeting points where we agree quietly to exchange pages of an online bulletin board with personal and intimate data of our existence. In the early years of the new millennium Marc is developing his game while Steve Jobs introduces to the world the first ‘smart phone’. It’s another revolution, the game’s rule change again …. Being able to use a telephone, by simply touching its screen, to perform tasks that previously could only be done on a computer, opens new, unexpected frontiers.

The era of ‘there’s an app for that’ is born which translated means: ‘whatever you need to do, there is an application for it’. The older generation would call it ‘software’ or ‘program’, now it’s called app (applications). The apps really range in all sectors and radically change almost century old’s market rules. The apps are free and in most cases the profit comes from the usability of the service or once again from advertising. Apps have the great ability to put in direct communication offer and demand eliminating brokers and significantly reducing the access to the service cost. It is the era of Uber that turns the hitch-hikers into organized transport consumers and the era of Airbnb that turns small and large property’s landlords into hoteliers.

Back in the nineties, would you have ever thought to welcome a foreigner in your house for a few tens of euros? Certainly not! But today, you do. So the new technology, the pre-payment systems, the rating philosophy make their way even outside the US and converge into unique platforms where consumers and service distributors can X-ray and decode each other as puppies at the first meeting, following the new rules of “modern etiquette”. Of course this analysis deserves deeper thoughts and considerations … someone would say ‘they are convergences’,. It goes without saying that this would not have been possible if Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google’s founders) had not decided to map the entire planet and if Brian Chesky (Airbnb’s founder) had not decided to exempt millions of small landlords from agency fees, convincing them to make their bedroom available to the whole world …

The fact is that today there is so much excitement … True, it is the Airbnb excitement! It’s a pandemic that expands on a world scale and that seems to embarrass the static world of hoteliers, that stick to the old, traditional rules of the dear Monopoly. So, grandma’s apartment that was overlooked by nephews, today could be an interesting source of income. A country that has a high number of empty holiday homes, and a constantly rising number of tourist, it is certainly a great market that offers new opportunities … In this scenario, which are the risks of such a gold rush? What are the real possibilities that this segment collapses? How to avoid making mistakes and missteps?

Andrea Angius – Founder of the brand Holiplanet Holiday rentals – Affitti a Breve

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