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Phuket, 5 unseen places to visit

Phuket is a very large and extremely popular island. Most of its locations are worldwide know and on are every visitor’s to do list. Besides these there are many spots that are unknown to the majority of tourists. Most of these locations are hard-to-reach and offer a great getaway from the usual hustle and bustle […]

A day in Rome: The Complete Itinerary

Visiting Rome Rome is a mystical place where you get to see the quaint relics from the past and feel the spiritual vibe. Although Rome has enough to keep you busy for months, moving around the entire city as a tourist in a single day is possible. This post will take you to the sites […]


Disintermediation is a term used in the banking/trade world and not commonly heard in the every-day language. What does it mean? It literally means eliminating intermediaries, thus weakening the role of mediators and … who are the mediators in the hospitality sector? Obviously travel agencies, tour operators and real estate agencies that generate bookings for […]

Airbnb Fever…..

Let’s go back in time 20 years; it’s the end of the 90s the New Economy’s funeral is organized and everyone is panicking with the bubble scandal. If we think about the impact of technology and the socio-economic dynamics of recent years, we quickly realise that there was no such funeral… Since the end […]

Food in pills for Phuket experts

Here’s a brief guideline on how to get around Phuket as a true islander! Discover the Dim Sum, Gai Tod with Kao Niao and much more… 

Just landed in Phuket ?

Just arrived in Phuket? Here some tips for you. Depending on the time of day and where you are heading, the transport to your hotel can take from 10 minutes to 2 hours, so it can be much less stressful to stay in a location that is closer to the airport. Prepare to spend 10/15 […]

Don’t miss the Thai new year

Why Thais celebrate the new year in April? The first day of Songkran is National Elderly Day. There are many rituals at schools at temples… children pay respect to older people pouring fragrant water into the elders’ palms as a gesture of humility.

Diving around Phuket

In tropical waters you can easily spot coral reefs and colourful fish by simply putting your head in the water. With a snorkel set it certainly becomes more exciting, but the ultimate experience is without a doubt Scuba Diving.

A Sino Portuguese story

Fancy a trip to Phuket Town? Phuket Town is often overlooked as the island main attractions are the beautiful white sandy beaches which you can find all along the west coast, but you’ll be surprised to find there’s a lot to see on the east coast too. The Phuket Town is absolutely charming with its Sino-Portuguese […]

A long-term trip with kids

Ever dream of quitting work, renting out the family home and taking off to explore the world long-term? It’s a step that plenty of parents would love to take but the thought of planning such a mammoth trip can be daunting – especially when it takes all your energy just to get the kids out […]