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Phuket, 5 unseen places to visit

Phuket, 5 unseen places to visit

Phuket is a very large and extremely popular island. Most of its locations are worldwide know and on are every visitor’s to do list. Besides these there are many spots that are unknown to the majority of tourists. Most of these locations are hard-to-reach and offer a great getaway from the usual hustle and bustle of the island. These places are either known to expats who have stayed for long-term or locals.

From picaresque beaches, unusual viewpoints to glorious temples, these places might not compete with the famous landmarks in Phuket, however they do offer a revived sense of exploration. Read on if you like visiting sites that don’t show up on the radar often and visiting them is something you must do in Phuket.

1. Radar Hill Viewpoint, Phuket

The first place we suggest you to visit is Radar Hill. This viewpoint is quite challenging to reach, therefore it is relatively less known. The radar hill offers a fantastic view of Patong Beach. This hilltop has its name because it is home to a military weather station. It is advised that you don’t go near the building with cameras as the authorities are against tourist taking pictures of their weather base.

2. Wassa Homemade Bar, Phuket

The Wassa homemade bar offers you amazing drinks and most importantly, a beautiful view of Patong. If you are looking to relax with your friends and loved ones, while having a drink or two, then this is arguably the quietest bar in the entire area. The bar is located far away from the beach on your way to the steep of Radar Hill.

3. Shrine of the Serene Light, Phuket

This shrine is one of the least-known Chinese shrines you must see in Phuket. The shrine of the Serene Light was built in Phuket old town in 1891; it is located in the courtyard of the Memory at On On Hotel on Pang Nga road. In recent times, the alleyway leading up to the shrine has been widened which has made it more popular in past years.

4. Samet Nangshe Viewpoint, Phang Nga

A Thai photographer discovered this viewpoint in recent times. The Samet Nangshe viewpoint is so hidden that even expats are unaware of its presence. The view is at the top of a steep hill located on a 30-minute drive from the bustling Phuket. This site is so far away from the resorts that there is no pollution and you can see the Milky Way in its full colors.

5. Banana Beach, Phuket

The 180m strip of beach is mostly rocky. Therefore it is also known as the Banana Rock Beach. The beach is located between Bang Tao and Nai Thon beaches and offers a challenging approach. This beach is said to be the most untouchable by tourists. After brief hardships of ascending down a steep and rocky hill, you will get to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of this beach.

Some Bonus Locations in Phuket

There are several other sites in Phuket that are considered unseen. The Sabai Corner, located in the jungle between Nai Harn and Kata. It’s a restaurant that is lesser known is Phuket; food is good, but the view is what is really worth going there for. Other places that are worth mentioning are the Buddha at Wat Srisoonthorn and the beach on Bon island, a 15-minute boat crossing from Rawai.



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Experienced Property and Revenue Manager, with strong background in Business Administration. Born in the UK, I spent over 20 years in Italy. In 2007 I moved to Thailand where I’m currently living.

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